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Welcome to the English site for the FX Project.
In the forum you can share your thoughts or advice for the mods, download the latest version, check on updates, learn strategies but also upload your screenshot to our gallery, collect awards or and units from the mod through the store etc.
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The FX Project

Homeworld 2:FX is a modification project led by 9ccN Team, the creators of the Gundam SEED modification. Through including numerous new things and modifying current ones the team aims at taking Homeworld2 to a new level. So far there have been 4,000+ downloads accordingly to our ModDB page, and that amount is increasing everyday. Currently there are two projects: FX: Commanders and FX: Empires.

You can check both mods at ModDB (link at left nav.box) for the latest updates, more information, media and more.

The original FX project, launched in September 2006. Basically it adds a mix of both new races and features to regular Homeworld2, significantly improving the gameplay value. The mod, next to the Hiigaran and Vaygr with improvements, brings back popular races like the Taiidan, Kadeshi, Progenitors and Turanic Raiders. The Bentusi are likely to appear somewhere in the future as well. Explore the many contents of the mod like new units, abilities, textures, maps, fx, player modes, icons, blueprints and more.

Although the amount of delays between releases is long, ranging from weeks to a year, there already is enough to play around with with many more things in the works.

Images can be found here and here.

FX: Empires is a recent project that brings you a Homeworld2 like you never have seen before. With features like new game modes, a new skill system, user interface, resources and units the mod is off to a promising start. Support the development by sharing your thoughts in the forum and spreading the word.