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[Guide] FX 'Eden' SP Mission

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*Note: As of v1.81, you can no longer build Multi-Gunships if the Turanics capture a resource container. See here for details.

The mission will start with a Karen S’Jet with poor English showing you a resource tank field guarded by several gun platforms. She says the Hiigarans spent 10 years on getting them and need those tanks for building ships, but the Turanic Raiders think they should be theirs instead. R0ight. Patrol Alpha in the meantime finds and destroys a Turanic Probe in an asteroid field nearby. While docking, the crew of the Hiigaran carrier says they are worried since this is already the third probe they found in a 10 days span.

A Hiigaran carrier nearby will serve as your production ship, already equipped with a platform control module and a fighter facility. Note that the engines are disabled. Behind you is a dust cloud path, and in front of you are four asteroid patches, two at the left and two at the right, with a resource operation going on at the nearest left and right patch. You can not harvest the containers nearby as your collectors will explode upon touching them. For now, build 3-4 gun platforms and move them somewhere in the middle of the space between your carrier and the dust clouds. After that, retire your platform module and place an order for 6 Interceptor squadrons. After your platform module has been retired build a research module and adv. research module on your carrier. Once your 6 Interceptors are done fill up all other fighter capacity with bomber queues. Research RU collector lv1 armour upgrade and repair ability, followed by fighter upgrades and everything else. Once both research modules are done start construction of a corvette facility.

Soon the raiders will make their first assault. An enemy wave composed of 2 bomber and 4 interceptor squadrons will appear near your resource operations. The bombers will go after the collectors, but since they have lv1 armour the refinery's pds can take care of the bombers before they wipe out your collectors. The enemy interceptor squadrons will go after your fighters. Beware they are already at lv2, so be sure you researched at least lv1 engine for all your fighters. Also, set your fighters to defensive tactics (F3) and have them destroy the 2 squadrons incoming from the right, then quickly engage the incoming fighters at the left.

While the fun time is going on, another raider wave consisting of 2 interceptors and 3 junkyard dogs will appear from the dust clouds behind you. If you build the gun turrets and placed them where I said to place them they will deal with the interceptors immediately, so your bombers can safely go after the Junkyard dogs. Select 2 or 3 RU collectors from a resource patch (either left or right), and give them the order to harvest (select + click resource containers) any containers the Junkyard Dogs have moved as the Junkyard dogs will keep going after those RU containers over and over again until they succeed in docked them with the Turanic carrier. As the Junkyard dogs have frigate-class armor it will be a bit hard to kill them, but you have to destroy them before they cross the dust cloud line or you’ll run into a Turanic Attack Carrier that will send your bombers to Karos.

You should have finished the enemy wave in front of you by now, so have your interceptors meet up with your bombers and finish any remaining Junkyard dogs. Have your own collectors harvest the containers the raiders left behind, or the Turanics will just try to re-capture them. Have your fighters dock for now and place a order for 6 Multi-Gunships. Research lv2 fighter, followed by Multi-Gun upgrades and anything else.

Once the multi-gunships are finished, go into the sensors manager and send them towards the ‘270 angle. Soon a crew transport will exit hyperspace there. Have your multi-gunships at lv2 as soon as possible and tell them to guard (Drag-Select with G) the crew transport. In the meanwhile, more enemy waves should appear in the back. Just have your platforms and interceptors take care of them again followed by the junkyard dogs. Your 3 RU colls should be used again to retrieve any containers the Turanic left behind. Keep overdoing this trick again and again for any waves they will launch at you.

Beware to give your collectors the order to stop harvesting once a moved container have been retired or they will start harvesting the other containers and end up as debris

When the Multi-gunships are maxed out (you can have 6) build several minelayer corvettes (4 at least). If you have any corvette capacity left max it out with gunships/pulsar gunships. Have your minelayers mine the part of the dust cloud the Junkyard dogs keep coming from. Move your minelayers near the enemy carrier that should be visible by now and start mining. The mines will home in on the carrier. Once the carrier's health goes down to 25% it will hyperspace out, and thus the waves of Junkyard dogs will finally be gone, allowing you to focus on the front battle now. Until you have achieved this, have your bombers and interceptors kill any Junkyard dogs that come near the containers but keep a safe distance from the carrier's point defence systems.

Once the carrier has hyperspaced out move your interceptors to where your multi-gunships are fighting to have them assist in destroying the enemy waves. You can also assign them to guard the transport. Move your bombers NEAR the transport, which means NOT to where your interceptors and corvettes are fighting but NEAR them. So, keep your distance. If you did research the repair ability for collectors get all remaining collectors on the left RU patch and have them repair (Drag-Select with Y) the crew transport instead of harvesting. You probably won't need RU at this stage of the mission anymore. About every 2 minutes a new wave of Turanic strikecraft will appear near the crew transport, usually consisting of 6 interceptor and 6 bomber squadrons. Have your multi-gunships guard the crew transport, once the bombers come in visible range have your interceptors engage them. After the bombers are gone put your inters back at guard orders again. The Turanics may seem to come in numbers, but they are too stupid to target your repairing collectors so you can keep using them to repair the crew transport and keep the damage low. As for your minelayers, have them mine the front of your carrier (halfway between carrier and middle of map) and BE SURE THEY KEEP MINING SINCE THE MINES WILL DISAPPEAR AFTER SOME TIME

Now that both your interceptors and multi-gunships are guarding the crew transport you will probably manage to destroy all enemy waves before they can do much damage to the crew transport. By now, several hyperspace signatures will be detected. You will get a message from your carrier that the main Turanic Assault Force has appeared on the opposite side of the map (the direction the nose of your carrier is facing to) and three markers will point out their locations. However, do not send anything towards them yet.

Soon the crew transport will contact you saying the communication system has been repaired, but two objects nearby are infering with the communication system. 2 markers will point out the location of the source of both signals. One is slightly beneath in left direction, another slightly above in right direction. Check the sensors manager and move your bombers to the EXACT location the markers point to or you'll miss them. The objects turn out to be two Turanic Sensor Distortion probes, well armoured but still mincemeat for your bombers. Once the probes are gone have your bombers dock with your carrier and place them slightly in front of it. With the sensor distortion probes gone, the crew will contact a Hiigaran Defence Fleet to assist you in destroying the Turanic fleet, and hope they will be here on time.

In the meanwhile, keep fighting off the enemy waves near the transport. Soon the crew transport will detect several hyperspace signatures: this time it is the Hiigaran Defence force they contacted earlier. The Hiigaran fleet, consisting of several Ion Cannon Frigates and multi-gun corvettes will hyperspace in near the left side of the map. The markers representing the Turanic force will start approaching you, but the Hiigaran fleet will start engaging them. As the defence force approaches the first dot it turns out this dot was representing six Turanic Ion Array Frigates. Weird enough they aren’t firing back, so the defence fleet can finish them off with ease. The transport will alert you they are now able to hyperspace out, which they will do after thanking you for your help. Now that the transport is safe, immediately move all craft you had at the crew transport to where your bombers are—in front of the mothership. Soon the second dot will appear near your carrier, turning out to be a Turanic Heavy Cruiser.

*Note: Depending on the size of your fleet, there may be another Heavy Cruiser to deal with.

Immediately have your bombers take out its engines before your carrier is within firing range of the cruiser. If you are fast enough you should be able to make the HC a sitting duck. If you have mined this area like I mentioned above the mines will home in on the Heavy Cruiser, dropping its health to approximately 50%. By now the Hiigaran Defence fleet should have destroyed the Ion Array Frigates and will approach the third dot which turns out to be a Turanic Attack Carrier. We are near completion of the mission, but this is where things get hard and have you sit on the edge of your chair. You will receive a message about the carrier producing corvettes, so use your bombers to take out the corvette facility, and have your interceptors take out the engines. Your corvettes should go after the corvette wave the carrier launched before they destroy your bombers. Be sure to quickly replace any lost bombers. The Hiigaran Defence Fleet will start attacking the carrier, so have your bombers and all other units you have attack the Heavy Cruiser.

*Note: Keep an eye out for the engines of both the carrier and the cruiser, they auto-repair over time. If they start to move again immediately have your strikecraft take out its engines.

Once the Cruiser is down, focus on the carrier. Once both units are destroyed your carrier will contact you saying this is their victory as there aren't any Turanic units left in the area. Suddenly several hyperspace signatures will be detected, but this time it is a convoy of Hiigaran transports which are here to transport the resource tanks. The carrier will say they will assist them, and then the mission will be over.

--Mission Complete--


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